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1. Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Beach is a beautiful rocky coastline and famous throughout the world because if the unique Hindu temple set on the big rock and encircled by the seawater.
This beach is one of the favourite tourist destinations for tourist who being holidays in Bali Island due to blessed by the stunning panorama, peaceful atmosphere and the unique temple. This place is many visited by tourist every day from over the world especially during sunset that creates the breath-taking view and romantic nuance. The location of Tanah Lot Beach is apposite to the India Ocean hence it is featured by the great weaves that is ideally for surfing adventures. Tanah Lot Beach is located in Beraban Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency and Bali province - Indonesia. It can be reached about 20 minutes from Tabanan town or 30 minutes from Denpasar City or 1 hour from Denpasar Airport. Since Tanah lot has been appointed as a tourist destination, this area quickly growth and completed by the public facilities as a value added for tourist who visit this place. The good access has facilitated every visitor to visit this beach that is situated close with other famous surf points such as Muara Beach, Front Hotel Beach and Kedungu Beach.
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2. Uluwatu

Uluwatu Temple is a Hindu clifftop temple set on the cliff bank in south part of Bali Peninsula. Furthermore, it is one of Sad Kahyangan Temple in Bali (six big groups of Bali Temples).
Meanwhile, this temple is located in Pecatu Village, Sub district of South Kuta, and Badung Regency or about 25 Km southerly part of Denpasar town. The temple is standing on the coral reef sordid to sea about 80 meters above the sea level. Uluwatu Temple features with a small dry forest where local people call it by Alas Kekeran (interdict forest). In addition, there are three group of monkeys dwelling this forest as well as other animals like birth. Name of Uluwatu was come from the word of Ulu and Watu. Hence, Ulu means the head and Watu means the stone. Therefore, Uluwatu Temple mean the temple built in tip of coral reef.

Visitors must wear a sarong and a sash, as well as appropriate clothes common for temple visits. They can be hired here. The best time to visit is just before sunset. Kecak and Fire Dance Performance is performed everyday at the adjacent cliff-top stage at 18:00 to 19:00.
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3. Ulun Danu Temple

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple Bali is a water temple situated on the side of Lake Bratan, Bedugul Bali, Indonesia. Ulun Danu Temple is located in the village of Candikuning,
Baturitisubdistrict, Tabanan regency, the distance traveled from Denpasar city around 56 kilometers to the north along the highway Denpasar - Singaraja. Ulun Danu Bratan temple is one among the best known Balinese Hindu temples and the most photographed tourist attractions in Bali island.TheBeratan Temple is typically known as Bali temple by the lake or Bali temple on the water as it appears like floating on the water whenever the water level in the Bedugul Lake Beratan is rising. PuraUlun Danu Bratan is one of Bali's most visited tourist destinations, the location is visited by numerous visitors every day, both foreign travelers and domestic tourists.
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4. Kintamani

Kintamani Village is 1500 meters high and a cool, damp climate suited to growing oranges and passion fruit and on market day, which falls every third day, the main street becomes a bustling
chaos of vendors, some of whom have traveled from far away, carrying their wares on horseback. Kintamani is the object of mountain tourism is very unique and stunning, with cool air condition in the daytime and cold at night. Tourism Object is located in the area is located in the village of Batur Batur, Kintamani District Level II Regional District Bangli. As for the route object, Object linking tourism with the Tourism Regions Tourism Batur and Besakih Tampaksiring. To reach these locations can be taken through the journey overland from Denpasar for 2 hours, exactly to the place called Penelokan. In accordance with its name in Balinese, Penelokan means most strategic place to see the sights of nature in this tourist location. Located in the region Penelokan Kedisan village, one village in Kintamani District.
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5. Ubud Royal Palace

One of the most prominent places in Ubud, as it is smack-dab on the main Jalan Raya Ubud road and intersection. The palace can also be regarded as the focal landmark of Ubud.
The Ubud palace was built during the lordship of the late Ida TjokordaPutuKandel (1800-1823), and is well-kept by his successive heirs. A visit to the PuriSaren is on many of the itineraries to the Ubud area. It has well-preserved Balinese architecture and charming garden settings, and is best known among lovers of Balinese arts as one of the main sites to view dramatic evening dance performances.
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6. Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud Monkey Forest is a nature reserve temple complex in Ubud Bali. Its full name as written on a welcome sign is the Padangtegal Mandala Wisata Wanara Wana Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary.
The complex houses approximately 340 (Macacafascicularis) monkeys (32 adult males, 19 male sub adult, 77 adult females, 122 juvenile and 54 infants).Crab-eating Macaque Bali Ubud Monkey Forest is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals. It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village. Monkey Forests in Balinese language called WanaraWana are spread out in the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself own very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile the local community own important role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly.
The sacred sanctuary of Monkey Forest is located on the southern border of Ubud town around 3 kms south of central town with a leading road also with the name ofMonkey Forest. The site can be reached by many sides besides from central town of Ubud, from eastern corner of Ubud and from southern area of Ubud. The distance from Kuta is around 55 kms, from Sanur around 40 kms, and from Nusa Dua area around 65 kms.
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7. Tirta Empul

For over a thousand years, Balinese Hindu worshipers have been drawn to PuraTirtaEmpul (Holy Water Temple), whose sacred springs are said to have been created by The God Indra and
possess curative properties. This tradition still continues almost unchanged, and today, aside from worshipers, tourists from all over the world also come to this place to marvel at its beauty, and bathe in its refreshing blessed water. The TirtaEmpul Holy Water Temple is located in the village of Manukaya, near the town of Tampaksiring, not far from Ubud, in the Gianyar Regency, the cultural heart of Bali. The temple is situated just below the Presidential Palace of Tampaksiring. Built in 1957 by Indonesia's first president, Soekarno, the beautifully built palace itself is an important landmark of the island and the country. Together with the Presidential Palace, the TirtaEmpul Holy Water Temple provide some of the most fascinating views you will ever see.
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8. Goa Gajah - Elephant Cave

Elephant Cave or better known as Goa Gajah is the name of a place with the archeological heritage in form of a cave ornamented by the beautiful relief on the outside wall of cave.
This place is formerly as a park, a place of retreat for Shiva Priest and Buddhist monks. Goa Gajah is located in the west side of Bedulu Village, Blahbatuh District and Gianyar Regency which is about 27 km from Denpasar City. This cave is built on the brink of a meeting between two small rivers those are called by Kali Pangkung then it water mixing with Petanu River flows under it. The meeting area of two rivers is called by Campuhan/mixed which is deemed to have a magical power based on concept of Rwabhineda (two differences). Based on this concept seems Goa Gajah is intentionally built in two rivers.
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9. Blue Point Beach

Blue Point Beach Bali located at the Uluwatu Pecatu village, south Kuta district. We call the beach as the Suluban beach. However, for travelers are well-known as Blue Point Beach Bali.
Between Suluban Beach and Blue Point Beach Bali is the same beach, located in the same place and there is no difference at all, except the name.
There is a reason why it called with a different name. Due to, there is a villa located close to the beach which has the name Blue Point Bay Villas. To make it easier to remember, most travelers call it as Blue Point Beach Bali. The name of the Suluban call by local Balinese derived from Bali, language "Mesulub" which means walking past something on a human head.
This beach called Suluban by local people because once you arrive at the beach and set foot on the white sand, you will see the path to the beach is flanked by two cliffs relatively high and looks like a hallway, and you have to pass through this corridor to reach the shore. Furthermore, Bluepoint beach Bali located, at JalanUluwatu, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan- Bali.
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10. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Tegalalang Rice Terrace located on the north side of Ubud around 20 minute's drive. This area is famous tourist attraction for beautiful rice terraces, many tourists who travel to and from
Kintamani stopped at this place to witness the beauty of the verdant terraced rice field scenery or having lunch at the restaurant while enjoying the beautiful scenery of terraced rice fields. Tegalalang Rice Terrace is one of the tourist icon in Ubud Bali.
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11. Jatiluwih Rice Terrace

Jatiluwih Rice Terrace is a famous tourist destination in west part of Bali featured by the breathtaking view of rice terrace unfolding from the foot of mountain until the coastal side.
It has been well appointed as one of UNESCO World Heritages since the site has been able to maintain the local culture heritage in form of water irrigation system managed traditionally called by SUBAK. It is one of recommended places to visit in Bali with the beautiful view as according to its name from Jati and luwih, where Jati mean really and Luwih meaning especial, good, and beautiful or the equivalent. The local paddies are planted in this place look typically of the high relative size plant compared with other pre-eminent paddy planted by most farmers in Bali. in line to this, Jatiluwih also famous with its organic agriculture system due to the located in the in the plateau of Watukaru Mount which is suitable for the agriculture development.
Jatiluwih is surrounded by cool atmosphere because it is located in the height of 700 meters above sea level. Besides its nature potency, Jatiluwih is also saving the cultural potency, especially history of the Petali Temple existence that is related to the power of Ida DalemWaturenggong King in KeratonGelgel (1460 - 1552). The distance from Denpasar to Jatiluwih is about 48 km and it is situated in upstate of Tabanan town (28 Km). The road to this place has been progressively improved so that motor vehicle can enter from east side through Pacung Village and go to Jatiluwih and also from the west side from Watukaru Temple pass to Jatiluwih.
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12. Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga Water Park is a beautiful traditional water park with a huge of water fountain and wide pond located at Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali.
It is one of Karangasem Empire heritage set secluded between the green hills, rice paddy and surrounded by fresh atmosphere. Furthermore, TirtaGangga Water Park is built in 1948 by the Karangasem King of AnakAgungAgungAngluerahKetutKarangasem. Previously, there is a big wellspring in this area and the local people believe that the waters are the holy spring. Therefore, they call this place is Embukan means wellspring. They also believe that this wellspring as a pool for the god and also as drinking water resources. Moreover, the local people has sacrificed it and keeps the park naturally. Afterward, the King of Karangasemrestore this park to be good looking and now becomes a famous tourist destination.
Tirtagangga located at Abang Sub-district, Karangasem Regency in east part of Bali, about 83 km from Denpasar and 6 km from Amlapura to the north.
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13. Mount Batur Trekking and Sunrise Hiking

Mount Batur Bali is one of the sacred mountain according to Hindu believe. Mount Batur is located in Batur village, Kintamani District, Bali, Indonesia. Mount Batur (GunungBatur) is 1717 M
above sea level can be summited by physically fit hikers in around 2 hours. Mount Batur Bali is an active volcano that draws tourists in with both beauty and promise of Bali adventure Tours. We offers climb Mount Batur Bali to enjoy and unforgettable sunrise from the top of an active volcano of Mount Batur.
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14. Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran is directly south of the airport, on the way from Denpasar towards Nusa Dua. Jimbaran village is the narrow neck of Bali Island, and thus it has two remarkably different beaches.
On the west, Jimbaran Beach faces the Jimbaran Bay, recently lined by new luxurious resorts. On the east, the beach faces the body of water sheltered by BenoaHarbor. Jimbaran is a sleepy cove where fleets of fishing boats color the scene. Formerly a relatively quiet area, its image has improved dramatically with the opening of the beautiful Four Season's Resort and the Inter-Continental. The last couple of years, it has become even busier still with grilled seafood restaurants going up at a rapid pace along the beach, attracting local families and tourists in droves.

Located on Bali's west coast, Jimbaran offers a small-secluded beach area, where tranquility and perfect peace is the perfect antidote to a stressful world. The land gently slopes away from the beach revealing exclusive celebrity haunts hidden under a canopy of leafy tropical forest. A popular spot for windsurfing and sailing small craft, which are available for rent, Jimbaran's grey sand and calm waters are attracting more people but the beach still has a sleepy feeling. A day at Jimbaran is made even more popular because of the all the wonderful options to eat. Choose from simple local food, the freshest fish or 5-star luxury. It is also a popular spot for sunset.
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15. Padang Padang

Bali Padang-Padang beach is located at Jalan Labuan Sait, in the village of Pecatu, Bali. Located not too far from the tourist area of Uluwatu. Arriving near the entrance of Uluwatu Travel.
we take the road turn right. Follow the directions, to see that underneath the bridge looks the beach. Upon entering the area of Padang-Padang beach, we passed a temple. Interestingly, to get to this beach, we had to descend the stairs are made in the cliffs. After a few yards down the stairs we are greeted by the sun. It turns a dark alley behind the beach there is incredible beauty. The waves that roll, rock-breaking waves, and the sky iscaptivating. Towards dusk, we could see a beautiful sunset view, as if the sun is swallowed by the ocean.
Bali Padang-Padang Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali in addition to dreamland, Kuta and Nusa Dua. White sandy beach stretching ahead of you, clear blue water and flat, perfect for swimming. Sand white color contrasts with the black rocks and blue sea exotic. The beach was clean, quiet atmosphere and crystal clear waters will make us feel at home after a long time to swim and sunbathe here. The more the light rays of the sun adds to the more exotic blue waters are shown. A bright blue sky and white clouds forming harmonization beautiful scenery. Visible in the distance the boulder clusters, this is so beautiful. Large boulders are scattered along the coast.
Padang-Padang (Labuan Sait) located at Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, District of South Kuta, Badung, Bali Province, Indonesia. If you are interested to visit this beach, you will cover a distance of approximately 32 km from the city of Denpasar and a 45-minute trip when using a motor vehicle from NgurahRai Airport.
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16. Bali Goa Lawah or Bat Cave Temple

Bali Goa Lawah or Bat Cave Temple is one of favorite places of interest in Bali and it is located near of hilly bank so it is called reef of Middle hill. This cave is located in Pasinggahan countryside,
Dawan sub district, Klungkung Regency, east part of Bali and about 1,5 hours from Denpasar Town. There is a nature cave dwelt by thousands of tail bat located at north side from Jeroan/center of GuaLawahTemple . Meanwhile the main road from Klungkung to Amlapura is just in front of the temple. This cave is apposite to the beautiful beach with black sand along the coastal area.
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17. Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Encounter over 60 different species of animals at Bali Safari and Marine Park. Join the exciting Safari Journey, watch a unique performance at the Bali Theatre, and get wet and wild at
the Fun Zone and waterpark. Join the Safari Journey tram and venture past unique habitats that mimic the jungles of Southeast Asia, the African Savanna, and the Indian subcontinent. Get up-close and personal with the animals as they approach your window. Spot zebras, lions, and even a rare white rhinoceros.

Next, have a seat and be entertained by a fascinating animal and elephant show. The Bali Agung Show showcases Bali's distinct culture and features a variety of animals. Then break for a delicious meal at Uma Restaurant or Tsavo Lion Restaurant.

Enhance your experience with an elephant back safari, a trip to the Fun Zone, or the waterpark, which offers a wide selection of amusing rides and attractions.
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18. Lovina Beach

Lovina Beach is one of the famous tourist places in north part of Bali which own beautiful of calm sea water, blackish chromatic sand as well as the sea with its dolphin.
Furthermore, one of the favorite tourist attractions in Lovina is dolphin watching tour. The tourists can see hundreds of dolphins in the morning around 1 km offshore. We can see the dolphin attractions on the sea with beautiful moving as well as jumping. Moreover, there are several other tourist destinations nearby that make this area suitable for tourist places. The breathtaking view of the seashore has blessed Lovina Beach with peaceful atmosphere surround it. Despite as a tourist place, the government has also appointed the Lovina Beach as one of tourist destinations in Bali. In addition, this beach is becoming one of stop point on SingarajaLovina Tour or Dolphin Watching SingarajaLovina Tours.
From Denpasar, capital city of Bali, you can get to Lovina through Bedugul over the mountainous central part of the island, which takes about 2 hours. Alternatively, you can follow the Gilimanuk route of West Bali which will take about 4 hours' drive.
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19. Bali Museum

Bali Museum is located on Mayor Wisnu Street in Denpasar with it's location exist in the strategic area right in the center of Denpasar City, easy to locate from any directions
and there are important or famous points located close by. Bali Museum is one of the museums in Bali collecting the ancient objects related to the history of Bali Island generally. The existence of this museum is very important to preserve the ancient and historical objects that have a noble culture values and a legacy of Balinese ancestors.
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20. Bali Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)

Bali Garuda WisnuKencana (GWK) Bali is located in the southern Badung area about 20 minutes from Kuta. That's very easy to access it from the NgurahRai Airport and hotels in Nusa Dua.
Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) Bali cultural park is located in the hills of limestone and rock, exactly over the hill of Nusa DuaPecatu-Badung regency that about 40 kilometers south of Denpasar City Bali, it was approximately 30 minutes drive from NgurahRai when using a motor vehicle.

Bali Garuda WisnuKencana Cultural Park is an area with 240 hectares of land. There are Supporting facilities that you can enjoy like Lotus Pond, Festival Park, Amphitheater, Street Theater, Exhibition Hall, and Jendela Bali The Panoramic Resto and souvenir shop as well. There are many cultural performances every day at GWK. Barong Dance Performance is the most popular show in there and also performances of traditional Balinese music.

Various uniqueness and beauty of Bali are well in view of the history, traditions, cultural customs, arts and panorama attraction. Of many attractions in Bali one of them is Garuda WisnuKencana that abbreviated. Garuda WisnuKencana (GWK) Bali cultural park is the window of island arts and culture against the backdrop of nature and an amazing panorama, making one of the main objectives for a variety of performing arts, exhibitions, conferences or religious visits.
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21. Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is located en route to Ubud, in the village of Batubulan. The lush 2-hectare tropical park is home to the largest collection of Indonesian birds in the world,
and there are also species from South America, Africa and Australia - each in their natural habitiat complete with indigenous plants.
Just 40 minutes' drive from busy Kuta, the park offers a fun day out for the whole family. Numerous shows are held daily where visitors get to watch entertaining flight shows and interact with some of the friendlier feathered friends.
At Bali Bird Park you can have your photo taken with the colorful macaws and cockatoos, or help feed the hungry pelicans. There are also Komodo Dragons and giant monitor lizards, descendants of the dinosaurs that lived nearly 100 million years ago!
Learn more about the majestic birds of prey that include eagles, kites, owls and falcolns before heading to the 4D Theater to watch a short movie that the kids are sure to love.
Other facilities at the park include a cafe and restaurant where you can try the local cuisine, and a souvenir shop filled with fun gifts and toys.
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22. Celuk Village

Celuk Village is formerly as a traditional Balinese village located in the entrance gate of Gianyar Regency ad has changed into a tourist attraction with its trademark in the form of gold and silver.
The village located in Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency has the uniqueness and excellent in production of gold and silver handicrafts. Almost all the families and villagers are Balinese who professional, skilled and art soul to develop the creative design and variety of products related to the gold and silvers. This craft village with long historical has been producing gold and silvers that penetrating the local, national and international markets. Various type of jewelry, either as souvenirs or export commodities are produced in this village includes variation type of rings, necklaces, earrings, hairpins, brooch and others. In addition to this, the artisans at Celuk Village are responding to the market demands and also produce the modern products such as medal, models and culture symbols.

Celuk Village is strategically located within 10 kilometers from Denpasar City where this village situated in the tourist destination are with the high potential and variety of tourist who visit this place. The following neighbor village includes Batubulan Village famous with Barong Dance and stone carving, Singapadu Village famous with Bali Bird Park and Bali Zoo, Batuan Village famous with the traditional painting, Guang Village famous with the wood carving and Sukawati Village as a center of art and souvenir trading. We can discover the several of gold and silvers gallery along the main road in this village those are opened for tourists.
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23. Ayung River Rafting

The Ayung whitewater river is the longest river on the island of Bali. The length of Ayung whitewater River approximately 68,5 kilometers from the northern mountain, then goes to Bangli regency,
Gianyar Regency, Badung Regency, and end on Badung strait at Sanur beach. Ayung River in Ubud is the first whitewater river use for Bali whitewater rafting trips. As one of the longest river in Bali, Ayung whitewater river offers a thrilling adventure combine with central Bali nature sightseeing.

If you do Ayung Rafting Bali, then you will enjoy the Bali rainforest and very well maintain rice field. You may also be able to see wildlife in the Bali rainforest such as beautiful Blue Javan Kingfisher. If you would like to discover a hidden waterfall, then you can find it by doing Ubud water rafting. Scenery and wildlife that you can get here such as rice field, jungle, and waterfall.

If you have visited Bali and for a few days you felt enough with sunbathing and had enough beach, then go to Ubud village. Also, from Ubud village, you will quickly access to Ayung whitewater River, one of the most famous whitewater rafting in Bali. Not only easily access from Ubud but also readily available from Sanur, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, and Kuta, while the distance from Kuta is 35 kilometers. Therefore, almost 1 hour 15 minutes driving time. Furthermore, Ayung River Bali is close by to Ubud village is about 5 kilometers. Also, Ubud village is the center of Balinese arts. While many top Balinese dancers, painters, carvers, fine artists are live in Ubud village.
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24. Batubulan

Batubulan Village is one of Bali places of interest in west part of Gianyar regency. Furthermore, the identity and image as an art village, it has been famous in Indonesia and all over the world.
It is because, the villagers are very creative with full of art inspirations to create the spectacular Balinese dance performance of Barong and Keris Dance. Barong Dance is a traditionally dance and daily performed at five different stages in this countryside such as Puseh Temple Stage, Tegal Tamu Stage, Denjalan Stage, Sahadewa Stage as well as Sila Budaya Stage. In addition, this tourist attraction is very potential to growth the local people economic sector. And also, Batubulan Village is covering several traditional arts such as dances, artistic of Kerawitan, artistic of idol and article art.
Batubulan Village is one of villages as appetizer relationship between regions in Bali Island. This village is located 8 kilometers from Denpasar town as well as 30 minutes from Ubud. Furthermore, it is consisted of three custom countryside such as Desa Adat Tegal Tamu, Desa Adat Jero Kuta as well as Desa Adat Delod Tukad. It has 16 Banjars with population around 11.333 people with 2.775 family based on 2003 census.
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25. Seminyak

Seminyak is Bali's most stylish and upscale beach resort area. It's home to among the island's most luxurious resorts. It also hosts a number of fine restaurants and boutiques.
Fashion stores line Seminyak's streets. You can also find some of Bali's top dining spots where international chefs cook up world-class cuisine. The scenes along Jalan Petitenget and Jalan Kayu Aya can be quite eclectic. Seminyak's Petitenget Beach offers a more secluded ambiance. This is if you compare it with Kuta and Legian to its south. However, after sunset a livelier nightlife scene takes over. Hotspots in Seminyak have all garnered an international following. These include chic hotels such as the W Retreat & Spa. Or, find premier dining and entertainment venues such as Ku De Ta and the Potato Head Beach Club.
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26. Pandawa Beach

Bali Pandawa Beach is located in Kutuh Village, South Kuta District, Badung Regency; around 3 km from the famous Nusa Dua area and Uluwatu Temple.
In the past, this beach was hidden behind hill so it was called Secret Beach. Secret Beach actually had known well by some tourists. However, the difficult access to this location made this beach was empty. The visitors of this beach were only a few foreign surfers or domestic tourists. Fortunately, the local government of Badung Regency realized the potential of this beach and quickly managed this beach then launched it as a new mainstay attraction. The result can now be felt such as a better access heading to the beach which is now become more convenient for any vehicles. Pandawa Beach has a stunning panorama with serene and quiet atmosphere. When entering the beach area, we will be amazed by beautiful panorama of high cliff, flanking the road along 1.5 km. The road is purposively built through limestone hills in Kutuh Village, similar with the hills in GWK.
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27. Sanur

Sanur is one of Bali's biggest traditional villages but it's also one of the most established tourist areas. It was Bali's first beach resort but still retains its Balinese character and old style village ambiance.
On the southeastern side of Bali, Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive. Sanur is an excellent site to watch the sun rises, as we jog along the white sandy beach. Being one of the first resorts developed in Bali, Sanur maintains its traditions. Only a stone thrown away from the beach, ancient temples stand as solemn as they have been in centuries past.

Palm-lined beach, facing the Indian Ocean towards the east, Sanur is an excellent place to see the sun rise in the morning. "Bali is the morning of the world", it is the right sentence for Bali if we has visited Sanur. Offshore reefs protect the beach against the waves, and make it popular for windsurfing, boating, and other water sports. It is one of the first areas where one can find good hotels, restaurants, shops, and other tourist facilities.
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28. Butterfly Park

Butterflies are one of the natural riches of Indonesia, and Bali Butterfly Park offers the opportunity to encounter rare and endemic species from all over the archipelago.
Hundreds of colourful butterflies are released daily. Among them are famous species such as the Bird Wing Butterfly (Ornithoptera and Troides) Swallow tails and Great Mormon (Papilio).
This is one of the biggest butterfly parks in Southeast Asia. Discover part of the beautiful scenery of Indonesia, as first discovered by explorers and scientists like Wallace.

Bali Butterfly Park or Taman Kupu Kupu in Bali is located 7kms north of the town of Tabanan, the area of Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali.
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29. Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is a small island that enters into Bali Province precisely in District of Nusa Penida, Regency of Kelungkung. Which has outstanding natural beauty.
Many places and unique and interesting tourist attraction owned Nusa Lembongan Island. With a length of 4.6 km and a width of 1-1.5 km which is not very wide this island can be explored with just a few days to visit various tourist sites in Nusa Lembongan.

There are many Fast Boat operators that serve crossings from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. It is take 30 MINUTES crossing from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan.

Visited Place : Mangrove Tour by traditional man-pulled boat, Panorama Point ,Devil Tear's, Dream Beach.
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30. Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa islands that are located southeast of Bali across the Badung Strait, at a distance of 20 km (45 minutes by boat) from Sanur.
The other two Nusa islands are Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. From an administrative point of view the Nusa islands belong to the Klungkung regency, which was the former center of the Gelgel Dynasty.

the first written records of Nusa Penida have been found on the Belanjong Pillar. This pillar, located in South Sanur, dates from 914CE and shows inscriptions that tell us about the military expeditions of the early Balinese King Sri Dalem Wira Kesari Warmadewa, one of which was to Nusa Penida.

Over time many more military expeditions were organized to conquer Nusa Penida, however again and again the people of Nusa Penida managed to resist the power of the Kings of Bali.

In the second half of the 17th Century however, Nusa Penida was definitely conquered during a military expedition of the Gelgel dynasty led by its prime minister, Patih Jelantik. The last king of Nusa Penida, Dalem Bungkut, perished in battle.

Visited Place : Angel Billabong ,Broken Beach, Klingking Beach, Crystal Bay.